Industry Partner Directory



Business Address:
301 S. College Street
Charlotte, NC 28202

Business Phone: 704-706-0835
Business Fax: 704-377-2750


Jack Capitano -
Keith Nichols -
Henry Pharr -


Business Address:
227 West Trade Street
Suite 1200
Charlotte, NC 28202

Business Phone: 704.334.0891
Business Fax: 704.377.1897


Scott Cooper:


Audio Visual


Business Address:
5100 Old Pineville Road
Charlotte, NC 28217

Business Phone: 704-319-7310
Cell Phone: 919-332-4746


Dana McSwain -

From automated room systems to high definition video conferencing systems and wireless BYOD connectivity, we integrate the latest technology and deliver it to you with “Easy Button” simplicity.

From interactive display systems to classroom audio enhancement, UnifiedAV has been a leader in classroom innovations for more than two decades.


Building Maintenance Services


Business Address:
4725 Stockholm Ct.
Charlotte, NC 28273

Business Phone: 704-377-0300
Business Fax: 704-373-2305


Lyndsay Mahaffey –
Hunter Finch –


Business Address: 
1359 E Black St. 
Rock Hill SC, 29730

Business Phone: (704) 817-7148
Cell Phone (803) 206-8508


Matt Welborn –


Business Address:
4015 Shopton Road, Suite 400
Charlotte, NC 28217

Business Phone: 704-319-8326


David Kreutzer -
Jack Cutter -
Ernest Griffin -
Jessica Smith -


Canvas and Awnings


Business Address:
4525 Reagan Drive
Charlotte, NC 28206

Business Phone: 704-921-0129
Business Fax: 704-921-0145


Josh Albertson -
Shari Albertson -


Business Address:
2123 Old Spartanburg Road, Suite 105
Greer, SC 29650

Phone Number: 800-797-4472


Thomas Gondi -
Phone: 864-303-8160
Mary Rumsey -
Phone: 800-797-4472



Elevator Maintenance


Business Address:
9625-G Southern Pine Blvd.
Charlotte, NC 28273

Business Phone: 704.519.0122

Business Phone: 704-519-0131
Business Phone: 704.519.0102
Cell Phone: 704.804.6682
Cell Phone: 704.790.9451
Business Fax: 860.998.8608


William Huffman -
Kristina Hurd -


Business Address:
900 Center Park Dr., Suite D
Charlotte, NC 28217

Business Phone: 704-329-1470
Business Fax: 704-329-1478


Linda Devivio -
Ray Falduti -
Zachary Treadway -


Business Address:
2440 Whitehall Park Drive
Ste 500
Charlotte, NC 28206

Business Fax: 866-228-6590
Business Phone: 704-697-6900


Michael Boerner, Regional Director of Service Sales for the Southeast -
Business Phone: 704-697-6900
Kyle Jordan, Branch Manager -
Business Phone: 704-697-6903
Brian Foxhoven, Account Manager
Business Phone: 704-697-6917


Engineering Services


Business Address: 
4000 Miller Court West 
Norcross, Georgia 30071

Business Phone: (678) 282-1999


Will Pelton:
(507) 358-7887 


Business Address: 
10030 Park Cedar Drive, Suite 201
Charlotte, NC 28201

Business Phone: (678) 280-2325


Brian Rivers:
(770) 480-7452


Fire Protection


Business Phone: 704-886-5733


Mark Smith -
Phone:  804-400-4376
Richard Schneeweis -
Phone:  919-872-3250


Business Address:
15720 Brixham Hill Avenue, Suite 300
Charlotte, NC 28277

Business Phone: 704-944-3296
Business Fax: 704-944-3298


Ron Ording -
George Dolen -


Business Address:
1001 Tuckaseegee Road
Charlotte, NC 28208

Business Phone: 844-305-6285


Hunter Fleshood -
Business Cell: 704-989-3027
Aaron Honeycutt -




3820 Rose Lake Drive
Charlotte, NC 28217

Business Phone: 704-423-0260


Elizabeth Fields -
Noah Taylor -


HVAC Contractors


Business Address:
1338 Hundred Oaks Drive, Suite C
Charlotte, NC 28217

Business Phone: 704-568-4121
Business Fax: 704-568-4129


Michael Zerillo -
Cell Phone:  980-800-7321
Courtney Fallon -


Business Address:
PO Box 562357
Charlotte, NC 28256

Business Phone: 704-372-2460
Business Fax: 704-334-7960


Barry Misiak -
Geoff Cutler -


Business Address:
1915 North Church Street
Greensboro, NC 27405

Business Phone: 800-849-1915
Business Fax: 336-378-0677


Ray Guffey -
Sharon Nokovich -


Janitorial Services


Business Address:
1000 Amble Dr.
Charlotte, NC 28206

Business Phone: 704-334-1494
Business Fax: 704-334-1497


Daniel Trueman -
Cell Phone:  704-614-4485
Paul Vucish -
Cell Phone:  704-361-9701

Founded over 45 years ago, The Budd Group is a family-owned corporation with regional offices located in Raleigh-Durham, Winston-Salem (Corporate Headquarters), Greensboro, Greenville, and Charlotte, NC; Greenville and Spartanburg, SC; and Orlando and Tampa, FL. Today, we provide a complete service package to our customers that includes, but is not limited to, Janitorial, Security, and Landscape Maintenance services.


Business Address:
509 Blairhill Road
Charlotte, NC 28217

Business Phone: 704-522-7773
Business Fax: 704-522-7731


Frank Gunnell -
Meagan Loggins -
Mike Loggins -
Matthew Wilson - 


Business Address:
101 S. Tryon Street, Suite 2610
Charlotte, NC 28280

Business Phone: 704-940-7722
Business Fax: 704-940-7723


Drew Devine -
Phone:  704-258-1987 
Hazel Lee -
Phone:  704-363-7517


Lake and Pond Maintenance


Business Address:
P.O. Box 1454
Matthews, NC 28105

Cell Phone: 919-605-3022
Business Phone: 704-344-9800
Business Fax: 919-662-7856


Jay Foster -
Bryan Wallace -

Foster Lake & Pond Management, Inc., in business for almost 30 years, has been providing Stormwater BMP Services to customers since July 2007. Customers include commercial property managers, HOAs, individual companies and private property owners.

Stormwater BMP Services include:

  • Compliance Assessments         • Storm water BMP Certified Inspections
  • Maintenance & Monitoring       • Notice of Violation Resolution
  • Overflow System Repairs          • Retrofits & Renovations
  • Sediment Excavation                  • Erosion Control  
  • Dam & Shoreline Clearing         • Littoral Shelf Plantings
  • Water Quality Improvement     • Nuisance Vegetation Control



Business Address:
P.O. Box 1094
Apex, NC 27502

Business Phone: (919) 851-0033
Cell Phone: (910) 515-0756


Scott Blevins -


Landscaping - Exterior


Business Address:
9801 S. Tryon St.
Charlotte, NC 28273

Business Phone: 704-504-0661


Robyn Green -
Liberty Ray -


Business Address:
1000 Amble Dr.
Charlotte, NC 28206

Business Phone: 704-334-1494
Business Fax: 704-334-1497


Daniel Trueman -
Cell Phone:  704-614-4485
Paul Vucish -
Cell Phone:  704-361-9701


Business Address:
4200 Performance Road
Charlotte, NC 28214

Business Phone: 704-394-3300
Business Fax: 704-394-9988


Doug Ehmann -
Chip Watson -


Landscaping - Interior


Business Address:
2211 C Distribution Center Drive
Charlotte, NC 28269

Business Phone: 704-393-0655
Business Fax: 704-393-1102


Lauryn Behley -
Pen Osborne -
Betsy Stone -




Business Address:
1005 North Church Street
Charlotte, NC 28206

Business Phone: 704-542-3133
Business Fax:  888-887-4491


Cindy Farley -
Cell Phone:  704-860-8120
Mason McMehan -
Cell Phone:  704-698-8981


Business Phone: 803-767-1382
Business Phone: 919-757-4443
Business Fax: 800-831-7719


Matt Pennington -
Matt Cawley -
John Hankinson -

Beyond the service aspect of the business, Visual Concepts is also positioned to provide a "turn key" product relative to the design, manufacture, and installation of building, directional, and freestanding signs. Permitting, engineered drawings, and certified electrical capabilities round out our profile and will simplify your search for services.

Our experience in working with various businesses, e.g. grocery stores, property management groups, and auto dealerships, to survey and repair their signs and lighting has positioned us as an excellent partner for you in the South Carolina market. We are committed to stocking the parts necessary to successfully service your outages, in most cases, with a single service call. Should electrical service be needed, Visual Concepts retains certified electricians to assure we can properly affect repairs to your systems.

We are based in Columbia, Greenville/Spartanburg, and Charleston in South Carolina; Augusta in Georgia; and Charlotte in North Carolina.  This places us in a position to service your needs. You will find pricing to be very competitive, and with any job Visual Concepts completes all installed parts are warrantied one year from the date of replacement.

As an additional benefit we provide complimentary weekly surveys for all of our clientèle and thereby keep them aware of any outages they may be experiencing.


Metal Maintenance and Restoration


Business Address:
2223 Executive Street, Suite A
Charlotte, NC 28208

Business Phone: 704-529-8295
Business Fax: 800-892-2361


Chris Flori -
Randy Rowland -
Iain White -

Welcome to Mid America Metals—

When we shine, YOU shine!!

Mid America Metals provides full restoration & refinishing, & ongoing maintenance programs for architectural Metal, Wood & Stone. At Mid America Metals when we remove a scratch from an elevator cab, hone & polish your lobby floor or restore the beauty of the fine wood accents, we are doing more than just improving the appearance of your building. We are enhancing its value and marketability in what is a very competitive market for quality tenants. As a family owned & operated refinishing & restoration company, we care as much about details, and how they fit into the larger picture, as our commercial office building & hotel clients care about every detail of their building.


Painting Contractors


Billing Address:
PO Box 7684
Charlotte, NC 28241

Physical Address:
9929 John Price Road
Charlotte, NC 28273

Business Phone: 704-521-8003
Business Fax: 704-521-8330


Hunter Cox -
Cell Phone: 704-351-3627
Dave Shively -


Business Address:
652 10th Avenue Drive SE
Hickory, NC 28602

Business Phone: 828-326-0953


Patrick Stilwell -
Cell Phone: 828-638-5699

We are one of the top and most flexible industrial painting companies in the USA. Depending on our client’s needs, we can quickly and easily transition from painting industrial tanks one week, to office buildings the next.

Working in the field of commercial painting services, the safety of our staff is our first priority, which is why we keep our Worker’s Compensation Modifier Ranking under one every year.

As industrial coating contractors, we keep the quality of our work high by having full-time employees. Most of our employees have been with us for a very long time and we are a close-knit group.


Business Address:
10925 Office Park Drive
Charlotte, NC 28273

Business Phone: 704-588-3113
Business Fax: 704-588-3127


Stephanie Charron -
Liz Etheredge -

Mecklenburg Paint Company is a full service, commercial painting contractor. Our focus market is maintenance painting of commercial properties. This includes interior and exterior cleaning and painting of office, retail and light industrial properties.


Parking Lot Services


Business Address:
9532 Hebron Commence Drive
Charlotte, NC 28273

Business Phone: 704-503-5542
Business Fax: 704-248-8732


Greg Coffelt -


Paving Contractors


Business Address:
622 E Westinghouse Blvd
Charlotte, NC 28273

Business Phone: 704-372-0730
Business Fax: 704-343-2838


Ray Phillips –
Frank Smallwood –
Kim Bivens –

Carolina Asphalt specializes in the repair, maintenance and rehabilitation of parking lots and pavement systems in the Carolinas for property/facility managers and owners.

Our services include paving, asphalt repairs, full depth reclamation, concrete flatwork & curb/gutter repairs, ADA remediation, cracksealing, sealcoating, striping, speed humps/bumps, stamped asphalt and pavement seminars.

Visit our web site for valuable information to help you manage your pavement systems.


Business Address:
11611 Reames Rd
Charlotte, NC 28269

Business Phone: 704-532-3836
Business Fax: 704-566-6142


Sclater Heindl -


Mailing Address:
551 E. Hebron St.
Charlotte, NC 28273

Business Phone: 704-622-1300
Business Fax: 704-541-8645


Russ Blanton -
Cell Phone: 704-622-9000


Pest Control


Business Address:
1101 Polk Ford Rd.
Stanfield, NC 28163

Business Phone: 704-975-2575


Rebecca Gibson -

Get effective, affordable, and humane goose control for your property today!




Business Address:
800 Gesco Street
Charlotte, NC 28208

Business Phone: 704-372-8787
Business Fax: 704-372-0122



Rita Plyler -


Restoration Services


Business Address:
4800 F Sirus Ln.
Charlotte, NC 28208

Business Phone: 704-423-0444
Business Fax: 704-423-1244


Charles Snow -
Peggy Moore -
Callie Williams -


Business Address:
1510 Cross Beam Dr.
Charlotte, NC 28217

Business Phone: 704-357-0000
Business Fax: 704-357-0001


Lindsay Brown -
Scott Falin -
Jeff Rizzo -
Joe Whitten -


Business Address:
6701-A Northpark Blvd.
Charlotte, NC 28216

Business Phone: 704-393-7890


Roger Mathews -


Roofing Contractors


Business Address:
162 Lumber Lane
Mt Holly, NC 28210 

Business Phone: 704-392-0850
Business Fax: 704-392-1044


Terri Brown -
Ursala Foxworthy -
Tara Nelson -


Business Address:
4221 Golf Acres Drive
Charlotte, NC 28208

Business Phone: 704-391-8001
Business Fax: 704-391-8005


Wes Wilkinson -


Business Address:
4700 Nations Crossing Road
Charlotte, NC 28217

Business Phone: 704-245-6209


Charlie Nachman -
Cell Phone: 704-249-6729
Bill Cronin -
Tyler Poole -




Business Address:
10735 David Taylor Drive, Suite 560
Charlotte, NC 28262

Business Phone: 704-334-4751
Cell Phone: 980-250-0833


Trish Furr -


Business Address:
9115 Harris Corners Parkway
Suite 180
Charlotte, NC 28269

Business Phone: 866-710-2019


Scott McGillivary:
Cell Phone: 704-320-1968
Ashley Good -
Kara Balch -


Business Address:
8604 Cliff Cameron Drive, Sutie 180
Charlotte, NC 28269

Business Phone: 704-717-6288
Business Fax:  704-717-6255


Jason Stallings -
Cell Phone: 704-773-5779
Roger Rickard -
Cell Phone: 704-796-4329


Security Equipment Systems


Business Address:
4301-S Stuart Andrew Boulevard
Charlotte, NC 28217

Business Phone: 704-561-3169


Thomas Vidak-
Richard Cady -
Scott Robitzer -


4301-O Stuart Andrew Blvd
Charlotte, NC 28217 

Business Phone: 704-554-6121


Chad Lingafelt -
Cell Phone:  980-521-6122
Zach Phifer -
Cell Phone:  704-361-4602


Business Address:
4401 East West Highway, Suite 500
Bethesda, Maryland 20814

Phone Number: 800-899-9872
Cell Number: 704-330-3106


Kyle Fisher -


Stone and Tile Maintenance and Restoration


Business Address:
4201 Stuart Andrew Blvd.
Suite I
Charlotte, NC 28208

Business Phone: 844-786-6312
Business Fax: 704-659-4006
Business Phone: 704-968-6536


Spencer Lueders -
Keith Boone -
Davis Cavalier -
Ian McGrath -


Tax Services


Business Address:
314 Hunter Lane
Charlotte, NC 28211

Business Phone: 704-665-5350
Business Fax: 704-665-5828
Business E-Mail:


Dave Pawlowski -




Business Address:
410 W. Magnolia Aveenue
Knoxville, TN 37917

Business Phone: 865-456-3873


Elizabeth Womble -


Trash Removal


Business Address:
1928 South Blvd, Ste. 310
Charlotte, NC 28203

Business Phone: 704-338-6898


Robin Turner -
Ath Koutsaftis -


Business Address:
PO Box 219
Pineville, NC 28134

Cell Phone: 704-201-3133
Business Phone: 803-802-6733
Business Phone: 803-802-6745


Will Kolodziej -
Frank Rocco -
Lori Ramsey -


Tree & Lawn Services


Business Address:
PO Box 26767
Charlotte, NC 28221

Business Phone: 704-604-2373


Kate McEachern -


Waterproofing / Exterior Maintenance


Business Address:
2500 Allen Road South
Charlotte, NC 28269

Business Phone: 704-598-5098
Business Fax: 704-598-4951


Quinn Griffith -
Dave Sturdevant -


Window Cleaning


Business Address:
3325 Carolina Ave.
Charlotte, NC 28208

Business Phone: 704-392-4442
Business Fax: 704-392-4661


John Fierick -
Cell Phone: 704-392-4442


Business Address:
6132-F Brookshire Blvd.
Charlotte, NC 28216

Business Phone: 800-529-5293
Business Fax: 800-808-8976


Dakota Taylor -
Cell Phone:  919-418-9508
Ashley Ross -
Cell Phone:  919-303-8900 x208
John D. McGrath -